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In theaters now!!
Starring Tomoya Nagase, featuring Aran Abe
Movie “Sora Tobu Tire” special site
Movie starring Tomoya Nagase and featuring Aran Abe, “Sora Tobu Tire” special site
Details about the movie and other topics will be updated regularly.
KinKi Kids
Tackey & Tsubasa
Hey! Say! JUMP
Sexy Zone
ジャニーズWEST (Johnnys’ WEST)
King & Prince
Johnnys’ Jr.
Masahiko Kondo
Kazukiyo Nishikiori
Noriyuki Higashiyama
Katsuhide Uekusa
Kohji Uchiumi
Atsuhiro Sato
Kenichi Okamoto
Masahiro Nakai
Takuya Kimura
Tomohisa Yamashita
Toma Ikuta
Hiroki Uchi
Yuma Nakayama
Shunsuke Kazama
Tomoyuki Yara
Jun Hasegawa
Mizuki Sano
Bunichi Hamanaka

[Diary King & Prince]
King & Prince’s group blog series. They’ll bring you new posts on Mondays along with news on their recent events.

[Diary Yuta Kishi]
Limited-time series by Yuta Kishi. Sharing information related to the movie he’ll be featured in, “ニセコイ (Nisekoi)”!

[Bun Bun Bun]
Bunichi Hamanaka whimsically brings you details on current events.

[A~yu~koto 4U koto]
4U’s group blog. The members will be bringing you content freely.

He brings you daily happenings, work-related matters, the escapades of band members, and more.

Tatsuya Ueda writes in a carefree fashion, and communicates with readers, bringing a fun (!?) moment in his blog series that fully brings out Ueda’s colors.

A blog in which Kazuya Kamenashi shares by email how he has been doing recently, as the mood strikes him.

KAT-TUN’s group blog series. Updated every March (+ additional entries).

Fighting for love, peace and the planet Earth, all members of ∞RANGER update at the same time each week!!

It may be no big deal, but it's an important day for somebody. A diary, composed of Maruyama's outlook on days like these.

Shota Yasuda’s short series.
It’s updated according to his whims, so please read about Yasuda’s everyday life at your leisure.

[Yamashita Tomohisa's Diary]
In this series, Tomohisa Yamashita tells about his daily life at his own pace. Updated irregularly.

The members of Sexy Zone update this blog. They write freely about recent happenings and more.

[Ken Tea Time]
A tea time Kento Nakajima spends with everyone. What he will talk about will be a pleasure only for those who read it... Please drop by at your leisure. Updated irregularly.

[刹那ルツブヤキ。 (Whi-spur of the Moment.)]
Fuma Kikuchi takes the elusive moments that he experiences day to day and whispers “earnestly” and without restrain about what he felt.

So Matsushima will talk about things that happens daily, as he pleases.

Bringing you his most recent updates mainly with photos he has taken himself. Updated sporadically.

A.B.C-Z’s group blog series. The members bring you their recent happenings!!

A blog series where the Kis-My-Ft2 members write openly about what’s been going on recently and such. Irregular updates.

A blog series where Hiromitsu Kitayama talks about what’s going on in his daily life and also his calligraphy work. Irregular updates.

Kento Senga introduces the Senga way of insistence, <Sengaism>. Irregular updates.

[T2 -A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words-]
A shiritori word chain game played by Miyata and Fujigaya, using their hand-written illustrations, is brought to you.
Scheduled to be updated on Wednesdays at 18:00.

[The Watta Photo Studio]
A blog series brought to you by Watta (Wataru Yokoo), which centers on his photos. Irregular updates.

[Every Day Yuta Tamamori]
Yuta Tamamori’s “brief conversation blog series.” Will try to have daily updates.

[Nika-chan's “Ocean with a Chance of ____”]
A photo series by Nika-chan (Takashi Nikaido). Irregular updates.

[Kazama's Mood Today]
A series by Shunsuke Kazama. Whatever content he feels like writing, whenever he feels like writing it.

The group blog series for ジャニーズWEST.
The members will be sharing with you their latest life developments and more.

[UCHU ni 6Chu~]
宇宙Six’s group blog series. Members take turns updating.

[Snow Nichijou]
Snow Man’s group blog series.
Every Monday, the members take turns to tell us about their “daily lives.”

[Kansai Johnnys' Jr. Journal]
The Kansai Johnnys’ Jr. blog series “Kansai Johnnys' Jr. Journal.” They’ll be bringing you their latest news!

[Leave it to MADE]
A blog series by the group MADE. It will be brought to you every Tuesday by a different member taking turns to update you on recent events.

Travis Japan’s group blog. The members will post on their scheduled dates every month.

[SixTONES’ Blog]
SixTONES’ group blog. The members take turns sharing their latest life developments and more every Saturday.

From "Good morning" greetings to hilarious puns…lots of messages, and every one full of personality!!

[Come on down to Uchi's]
Updated on Mondays. Hiroki Uchi will be writing lots and lots about “everyday life” and “personal things.”

[UMAのUME! (UMA no UME!) (YUMA's Dream)]
A series by Yuma Nakayama. Enjoy his candid stories every month.Scheduled to update monthly on the 13th.

Updated every Sunday. Shigeru Joshima shares touching poems written in his own calligraphy.

Updated daily. Taichi Kokubun writes about a variety of topics, including work and whatever else pops into his mind.

Masahiro Matsuoka's essays cover daily events and his own feelings. Discover a new side of Matsuoka!?

News about Tomoyuki Yara’s work and recent events waft your way like an ocean breeze.

This diary by Noriyuki Higashiyama is filled with messages to his fans.

[My List]
Higashi shares his unique views on plays, movies, music, etc. that have made a deep impression on him!

[Higashi's Super Charge]
Each week in this corner, Higashi answers 7 questions from all of you. Question accepted 24 hours a day!

[M gallery]
A word gallery that’s created by Masayuki Sakamoto and everyone. Messages are accepted at any time.

Updated every Saturday. Hiroshi Nagano writes about cars and walking while eating.

[(^^)NIKONIKO KEN°(^^)]
Ken Miyake's essays tell us about what he feels from day to day as he pleases. Updated every Sunday.

[Show must go on]
Koichi Domoto brings us news on his work and day to day happenings. Plus his favorite topic, F-1!

[Love Fighter]
Tsuyoshi Domoto shares what's on his mind along with recent news.

In Hasegawa fashion, he’ll be bringing you the latest news! Updated sporadically.

[Toma's Room]
Toma Ikuta writes frankly about daily events, things inside his head, and anything else...

Essays by Keiichiro Koyama. Updated irregularly.

Updates scheduled for Wednesday each week.
Members take turns in a continuing free conversation, with titles in the format of a Japanese word-chain game.

[Shigeaki's Cloud]
Shigeaki Kato will write freely about his thoughts, his discoveries, the things he wants to try and more in an essay and photo essay format! (Irregular series)

[Takahisa Masuda's Fill-in-the-blank]
Takahisa Masuda will be delivering essays on what’s happening around him, what he’s thinking about, and other things in any genre he pleases. (Irregular series)

Hey! Say! JUMP’s group blog series.
Every month, all the members update [one after another] with news on their recent activities!

[KEITOpinion ~Keito's thoughts~]
A series of essays by Keito Okamoto. He’ll be updating whenever he feels like it!

A segment brought to you by Takizawa in his unique storytelling style. Once you read it, you will also become a member of the TAKIZAWA RENGOU!

[Habitación de Alas]
Essays by Tsubasa Imai. Tsubasa will write about the current events in his life as he pleases.
His newly created Q&A segment “Habitación T” will also be updated regularly.

Illustrations by Satoshi Ohno available for downloading! Everyone is invited into a mysterious world!!

Essays by Jun Matsumoto (with photos). Telling you about events from his work and private life!

[OTONOHA 〜music.words.etc.〜]
Everyday events, music...etc., etc., written as he pleases. Updates planned for the 15th of each month plus occasional extra updates.

Limited-time segment produced by ARASHI members
It tells your fortune for the day!? Member’s comment is displayed at random.

An essay series by Kohji Uchiumi. He writes about whatever he pleases in his daily life.

This is a segment about cooking by Kohji Uchiumi.
Please enjoy Uchiumi’s easy recipes.

Actor, singer, photographer...the versatile Kenichi Okamoto shares his writing and photos in this series.

Katsuhide Uekusa is always looking for new theme ideas from his fans, and in these talk-essays, he chooses one freely and writes about various topics such as "food," or "work," etc.

Updated every Friday. In this corner, Atsuhiro Sato personally answers your email.

"R・R" stands for "ROHITTSUA ROOM."
In this corner Atsuhiro Sato shares his ideas and feelings in a free and easy style, with various thoughts expressed in various forms.

Original sections brought to you by the artists themselves!

Each artist’s site is filled with original content created by the artists themselves.
Blogs and essays about the artists’ daily lives, hand-drawn illustrations, original standby screens, and more!

Latest artist info!

Check out the latest information on media appearances by the artists! Info on TV shows, radio programs, concert tours, etc. updated as announced!


A look into the artists’ activities on set, during press conferences, etc. through exclusive staff reports!


Johnny’s web original logos available!
※Your member ID and email address will be displayed on downloaded images. Please use them for your own personal enjoyment.


In addition to the artists’ personal data such as birthday, hometown, and blood type,
profiles include the artists’ biographical and discography information.

TV commercial clips/Family Club video messages

Watch streamed commercial clips from the artists’ latest releases, as well as short versions of Johnny’s Family Club video messages!!

Family Club

Information on joining fan clubs, Bangumi Kyoryoku, location access information, and other helpful data.

Email Delivery Service

Sign up to receive messages from your favorite artists! Also get messages with new info and other news just for you, the fans!

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