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On sale now!!
NEWS new album
special release site
The special release site is now open for NEWS’s new album “EPCOTIA.”
Details about the album, messages from the members, and other topics will be updated regularly.
In theaters now!!
Starring Yuri Chinen, featuring Hokuto Matsumura
Movie “Sakamichi no Apollon”
Special Site
This is a special site for the movie starring Yuri Chinen and featuring Hokuto Matsumura, “Sakamichi no Apollon.”
Details about the movie and other topics will be updated regularly.
In theaters now!!
Featuring Yuma Nakayama, Noriyuki Higashiyama
Movie “曇天に笑う (Donten ni Warau)” special site
Movie featuring Yuma Nakayama, Noriyuki Higashiyama, “Dontenn ni Warau,” special site
Details about the movie and other topics will be updated regularly.
In theaters 3/31 Sat.!!
Movie starring Sho Hirano,
“honey” special site
Movie starring Sho Hirano, “honey” special site.
Details about the movie and other topics will be updated regularly.
In theaters 5/25 Fri.!!
Movie starring Toma Ikuta “Yuzai”
Invitation to the preview screening!!
☆In theaters 5/25 Fri.! A preview screening of the movie “Yuzai,” starring Toma Ikuta, has been announced!

Johnny’s web members may enter a lottery for an invitation to attend the preview screening on 4/24 Tue.! The application period is until 3/25 Sun. 21:00.

Original sections brought to you by the artists themselves!

Each artist’s site is filled with original content created by the artists themselves.
Blogs and essays about the artists’ daily lives, hand-drawn illustrations, original standby screens, and more!

Latest artist info!

Check out the latest information on media appearances by the artists! Info on TV shows, radio programs, concert tours, etc. updated as announced!


A look into the artists’ activities on set, during press conferences, etc. through exclusive staff reports!


Johnny’s web original logos available!
※Your member ID and email address will be displayed on downloaded images. Please use them for your own personal enjoyment.


In addition to the artists’ personal data such as birthday, hometown, and blood type,
profiles include the artists’ biographical and discography information.

TV commercial clips/Family Club video messages

Watch streamed commercial clips from the artists’ latest releases, as well as short versions of Johnny’s Family Club video messages!!

Family Club

Information on joining fan clubs, Bangumi Kyoryoku, location access information, and other helpful data.

Email Delivery Service

Sign up to receive messages from your favorite artists! Also get messages with new info and other news just for you, the fans!

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